Mobile & Tablet Friendly

The pages you design with our app will look great whether they are being viewed on a desktop computer, tablet, or smartphone. When you generate a shareable URL, visitors to that URL will be automatically redirected to a device friendly view of your page. You can choose how to handle these visitors when you create the URL...

Facebook Page Options
Mobile Friendly Facebook Page Options
Web Landing Page Options
Mobile Friendly Landing Page Options

Default will show the page as is and just resize the view to fit on the devices screen. For Facebook Pages, this keeps the visitor on Facebook's website. They just get a shrunken down version of what your pages normally look like on a desktop computer.

Redirect to Mobile Landing will send the visitor off to the Mobile Landing page design you create. You can add a Click To Call button on your mobile page to make it super easy for visitors to contact you!

Mobile Friendly will send the visitor to a modified version of your Facebook Page design. We render your design outside of the Facebook site and add a header with your page and tab info at the top. If you have fan-gated your design, it will still work! This option is only available for Facebook Page designs. Below are two samples of how the pages look:

Mobile Friendly Facebook Page Sample Tablet Friendly Facebook Page Sample

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