Short URLs & QR Codes

After you've built your page, you can generate a shareable short url for your landing page. From the Page Details screen, just click the green Share button. Landable provides you with a QR Code image you can share as well! Include the QR code on your print advertising to drive real world prospects to your online presence.

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Landing Page Short URL and QR Code Feature

Want to track all the clicks with your own Bitly account? No problem, just go to Account ยป Integrations and enter in your Bitly account info. All the Short URLs you generate going forward will be created under your Bitly account. You can also re-generate previous Short URLs if you didn't use your own account the first time around ;)

Short URL with Bitly

Use Cases...

Use the QR Code:
- at your place of business to encourage people to Like you on Facebook
- offer "mobile-only" deals with "scan-to-redeem" QR codes at your place of business
- on products to create a Like button for real life items
- on your products or packing slips so people can learn more about the product and/or your company
- give people an quick and easy way to get your directions, store hours, phone number with Click-to-Call, and other contact info

Use the Short URL:
- to send in your email marketing campaigns
- to share in your Tweets or Facebook Page posts
- to send in your text messaging campaigns
- track click-thrus in your online marketing

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